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Welcome to the beginning of my blogging life.  I ventured into the wine business in 2002 because of my desire to get out of living in big cities, and to be immersed in my wine and culinary passions.  My journey started in Napa, then continued to the North Fork of Long Island and now in Virginia.  I will be sharing a lot about my world of wine and culinary ventures here in Virginia wine country: the talented winemakers, committed winery owners, artisanal cheese makers, farmers and all the things that us wine geeks and foodies adore.  I am a big supporter of Virginia wines, but I do have a global palate, so I will also be including my favorites and discoveries of wines from other countries.  I will include updates about wines from my winemaker friends in New York, France and Austria.  I am not here to be a wine critic.  I will share my thoughts about wines, but you won’t get long, frilly wine notes….although I’ve been there and done that as a winery marketing director.   Instead, I will focus on wines that I like and will give voice to the winemaker and vintners.   I will share with you what they have shared with me. I hope you will follow me as I develop my ‘blogging voice.”

You will also hear about the business I have launched, called The ALL Wine Agency.  This consulting business will provide a range of marketing and retail management servces for start-up/newer wineries and wine shops.  And since I am also a Certified Sommelier (but, forever a student), I have begun to lead wine tastings for social groups, and plan to pursue corporate groups as well.   The inspiration to launch this business came as a result of my having been laid off from a position as Director of Hospitalty for a large winery project. I was relocated to Virginia in 2007 for this position and love it here, so here I shall stay!!  Being the adventurous and brave woman (or complete fool) that I am, I decided that the biggest recession since the Great Depression is not going to stop me from launching my own business…well, that and the fact that apparently there aren’t any jobs around in my pay range.  So, here goes!  And besides, I am good at what I do, and I know how hard it is to launch a winery.  It’s impossible for new owners to do and know everything…..so, a little help from me can go a long way and save numerous headaches.  Hopefully, the many new wineries in Virginia will see it that way, too!!

So, wish me luck and success!!  And I will endeavour to educate and entertain you with my journey.

Next blog will be about an in-store tasting at The Frenchman’s Cellar in Culpeper, that I had organized.  The series is called Winemaker Wednesdays and recently featured Jefferson Vineyards, and winemaker Andy Reagan.  Stay tuned!



Pour out the wine without restraint or stay,
Pour not by cups, but by the bellyful,
Pour out to all that wull.
Edmund Spenser (1552?-1599)


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